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Aitex Srl, via Zona Industriale Onigo 72, 31040 Pederobba (TV) - tel +390423688644 - fax +390423688665 - - Numero Iscrizione Registro Imprese di TREVISO / Cod. Fis. / P.IVA n° IT 01770800264 Capitale Sociale: € 90.000,00 i.v.



AITEX was founded in 1985, as a bonding company of textile articles for the sports footwear like ski boots, after ski boots, etc.

As the years go by the company wide his sphere of activities using different technical textile materials and experimenting with new applications in the field of footwear as well following other directions.

Today AITEX is developing textile products for safety protections (crush helmets, knee bands, etc.); for thermodrilling and heat insulation.

AITEX believes that technological innovation, research and environmental protection are the main values to keep in order to be competitive in the very next future.

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